Custom Made Orders

We specialize in bringing our clients' unique designs to life through custom orders. For us to get started, we need the following information:

  • Product Design: Detailed drawings and any artwork.
  • Material Composition: Specify if the product is made of cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp etc.
  • Product Specifications: Weight, dimensions, and color preferences.
  • Labeling Details: Any specific labeling requirements.
  • Additional Features: Information on extra features like embroidery.
  • Packaging Preferences: How the product should be packaged.
  • Order Quantity: Estimated number of units required.

Upon receiving these details, we provide a comprehensive price quotation. If the terms are agreed upon, we proceed to create a sample for approval. We do not move to full production without the client's explicit approval of the sample. This ensures that the final product meets all expectations.

The sampling process can be both time-consuming and costly, so a sample fee is charged in advance, with half refunded upon completion of the order.