Turkish towel (peshtemal) is one of the world’s most primitive and oldest clothes. Even in Egyptian reliefs peshtemal is seen and the place it’s most widely used in the history is Turkey. Turkish towels expanded to the world from Turkey. From Black Sea region to Thrace or South East Anatolia, in every corner of Turkey, Turkish towels are used in Turkish baths or as an apron in croplands or mills. For these old purposes, Turkish towels are still seen in rural areas of Anatolia. But, in recent years there is one more usage area for Turkish towels and it’s very popular. Especially in beaches, Turkish towels show up and bring a bohemian and sophisticated style.

Towels in Turkey are very famous because of Turkish Cotton and its weavers. High quality Turkish Aegean region cotton is different than other cotton types. It is not as shiny as Egyptian cotton but it is more absorbent because of its filament types. That makes it perfect solution for drying.
Our factory is in Denizli, which is the center of weaving in the heart of old Agean region.
Denizli City - is the world leader of home textile; bed linen and towels. The most luxury bed linens and best quality towels are supplied from Denizli.

Our towels are lightweight, take very little place, dry very quickly, they are ecological and fashionable. Our unique designs add beauty to the every space they exist with their colors and authentic texture.

We, as Anza Textile Company, take moving Turkish towels to the future as a mission. We produce only sustainable products made from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, linen in more than 200 different styles. Our products bring a boho-chic aura to everywhere they’re used.

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Anza Textile Company

August 09, 2022 — Dilara Kurtulus