ALMOST half a century's EXPERIENCE

Anza Textile is founded by the second generation of a family with more than 40 years of experience in textile sector. We are one of the Turkey’s leading Turkish Towel ‘’peshtemal’’ manufacturer. Our headquarter and showroom are located in business city Istanbul, our factory is in Denizli famous by its weavers.


Our company is bath, beach and home textile focused. Our primary materials are cotton, bamboo and linen. We produce Turkish Towels along with terry towels, baby towels, ponchos, bathrobes, kimonos, beachwears, throws, cushions and many various accessories made from authentic Turkish Towel fabric. To meet our customers need with a wide variety of choices, we esteem in a duty to renew regularly our product range with new collections and designs.


Our mission is to renew ourselves every day, to fulfill our customer's demand on promised time and to provide with absolute satisfaction. That's why, we aim to increase our production capacity regularly by investing new machines and adopting new philosophies in order to meet the market demand. We recognize that strong business strategies only work with superior execution, so we work hard to increase production and efficiency while preserving product quality excellence. We are in a continuous process of expansion, improvement and incorporating the latest technological innovations in order to ensure our customers the best possible quality and service.


We believe in high quality work in every stages of the production process, starting with supplying raw materials. Therefore, we use strictly OEKO TEX certified yarns which helps us to increase quality of our products.

Our production technique and process are designed for maximum flexibility so that we can carry out your orders in the way to serve you best and on time. In this context, we can respond large demands as well as small orders.


We, as an owner-operated company, attach great importance to personal contact with our customers and meet them openly, with dedication and fresh ideas, the best basis for a confident partnership. A mutual sense of openness, honesty and tolerance applies to partners, team members, and suppliers alike. Our works are based on ensuring a mutual trust and high level of satisfaction to establish long term relationship with our customers from all over the world.

We carry, today, the great honor and pleasure of spanning at four continents through the long path of a successful and confident business.