Anza Textile Celebrate Mother's Day

May 5, 2016 Anza Textile Celebrate Mother's Day
We all know how incredibly hard mothers all over the world work on a daily basis to be able to care for, raise, and provide for their children, and so it’s only right that we celebrate our mothers every single year, by dedicating an entire day just to them. Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holiday days in the entire world, and although different countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates of the year, the overall message and theme of the day is still always the same – To honour and celebrate your mother. With Mother’s Day now fast approaching, you may be panicking as you look for the perfect card and gift to present your mother with. Rest assured however, there is still time to find exactly what you’re looking for, so you can really show your mother just how special she is to you and how much you really do care about her. Whilst we know that Mother’s Day is indeed all about celebrating our mothers and showing them how much they mean to us, there may be a number of things associated with Mother’s Day that you weren’t previously aware of. Here are a few interesting and unique facts associated with Mother’s Day.

Julia WardBack in the year of 1870, a female writer, poet, and activist who went by the name of Julia Ward, strongly pushed for a day dedicated solely to peace and urged countless other women to stand up, make their voices be heard, and to oppose the war waging at the time. From this very plea of hers, Julia was actually able to make the city of Boston recognise all mothers on the second Sunday of each and every single June.

Say it with flowers – If you celebrate Mother’s Day, there’s a strong chance that you have spoiled your mother by lavishing her with luscious and vibrant coloured flowers on her special day. Flowers are, without question, some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts in the entire world. In fact, out of all flower sales for the entire year, more than 25% (that’s more than one quarter) of all flower sales will take place on the lead up to this great holiday.